Most designers require anywhere between four to six months to produce your gown, so you should be ordering your gown at least nine months before, It is normal for some Brides to purchase their gown as much as 18 months in advance.  Shopping early for your dress will allow you time to choose and make plans for the rest of your wedding.

At Pronuptia we do work on an appointment system.  An appointment is approximately an hour long.  Shopping for your wedding dress is not like shopping for other clothes.  Our trained Bridal Assistants, are there to offer you specialist advice and explain the styles and fabrics.  It is our job to help you find the dress of your dreams.  Don’t be offended if our assistants go into the fitting rooms and dress you.  It is their responsibility not only to make you feel special, but to ensure the delicate fabrics on the dresses are kept as careful as possible for the bride that follows.  Just enjoy the attention!

Take your mum and/or one or two trusted friends at most.  This is YOUR decision, and you need to be able to listen to your own instincts about what dress makes you feel special.  It’s easier to listen to your head and your heart if you don’t have a crowd with you.  You can always have others that you may want to see your dress after YOU have made that all important decision.

Get into the role before you go dress shopping, allow yourself a leisurely bath, wear neutral coloured underwear and perhaps buy a strapless bra, this will allow you to see all styles of dresses looking their best.


Bring a pair of heels that you feel comfortable in.  We do have stools for you to stand on, but it’s all good to have shoes that fit you comfortably.


Wear a little make-up, too much you cannot see what shades suit your skin tone best.  We do ask that you don’t wear fake tan, to protect the dresses, but again it shows what suits your skin tone best. Even on the day of your wedding it’s best to have a natural glow or a subtle spraytan.  No matter how good a tan (unless eau natural)  it will come of on to your dress especially around the arm area and can show up on your photos.




Have a budget in mind before you go shopping.  Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to tell us you have a budget in mind.  Don’t be tempted to try on dresses “just for fun” Falling in love with a dress that’s out of your price range can break your heart or break the budget.  A little over budget is ok but don’t go crazy.




At Pronuptia all our dresses are from leading designers, judge the dress not the label.  Your mission is to find a dress that makes you feel special and takes your grooms breath away as you walk towards him.  You should wear the dress, your family and friends should see you first, and then gasp at your beautiful dress.

The size charts for bridal apparel DO NOT match the size charts for the clothes you wear every day; they also fluctuate from one designer to another, so don't expect consistency.  At Pronuptia we willl help you to identify the size that most closely matches your measurements from the size chart for the designer you've selected. If her recommendation shocks you, it's reasonable to ask to see the chart yourself. It's unlikely that your measurements will perfectly match the chart; the goal is to order the dress as close to right as possible and then make alterations to adjust it perfectly. A rule of thumb to follow? Go up two sizes. (Example: If you wear a 6, try a 10.)


Virtually any dress can be made smaller but few can be expanded an entire size, so never order a size smaller in anticipating of losing weight. We cannot stress this enough! (Also, don't choose a dress based upon the way a sample gown fits. Sample gowns are tried on so often that a size 10 can stretch to fit a size 12 or even a size 14.  Our assistant’s will know if it’s a new sample or a dress that has been frequently tried on.

Alterations are NOT included in the price of your Dress. Once your dress arrives, it will almost certainly need some alterations to make it fit perfectly.  We do have a number of seamstress whom we work closely with and can recommend them to alter or tweak your dress.  Alternatively, you may select a seamstress with whom you're familiar to alter your gown. The cost of the alterations, however, varies depending upon the extent and nature of alterations required.Even basic needs like shortening a dress hem can range widely in complexity and expense. If you've selected a gown with lace trim at the hem, for example, it may not be possible to shorten the gown from the hemline; it will instead be shortened from the waistline, which involves significantly more (and very intricate!) work.